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Fit With Sisterhood - TORN Sisters
About Us
Fit With Sisterhood is based on the slogan
"We Are Our Sister's Keeper."

We, "Sisters", are keepers of our families, friends, and community. In order for "Sisters" to be keepers to one another and our families, we must take care of our temples. Our temple requires proper nourishment and daily exercise. We also require moments of relaxation to forget about our daily stressors and focus on ourselves.
Fit With Sisterhood encourages and provides many ways to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. We provide current nutrition information, ways to gradually make lifetime changes, and a relaxing environment which encourages comfort and unity.
Fit With Sisterhood is committed to providing the "Sisters" in our community with an oppourtunity to put all troubles, fears, and worries aside to focus on themselves. We strengthen the "Troop Leader" so she can help her family win the battle.
Fit With Sisterhood has incorporated the newly designed T.O.R.N. Sisters program. The TORN program presents new forms of exercise,new routines, and nutrition goals to help our Sisters profess and achieve their mission of  Taking Over and Renewing Naturally. 
Fit With Sisterhood encourages unity, laughter, fellowship, and prayer.
We welcome everyone to join the "Sisters" in exercising the mind and body to a better you.
3455 Sarah Street
Beaumont, Texas 77705
The REC/ Recreation Education Complex
Mon - Thurs. 6pm-7pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sun: Closed
$25 per  month
One-time $10 Registration/Maintenance Fee